How to Download Video from Google Drive? | Hi Pov

How to Download Video from Google Drive? | Hi Pov

Step 1: Visit the website: and sign in or create a new account and log in.


Step 2: There is a Management module you can find in the right-hand side menu. Click it. You need to add your Google Drive account by clicking the Add Cloud Drive option if this is the first time you are using InClowdz. If this is not your first time with InClowdz& your connected accounts will be automatically listed in this window.

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Step 3: Authorize the account to give access to InClowdz.


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Here’s how InClowdz Management option looks after adding a few cloud accounts in Wondershare InClowdz:


Step 4: Select your Google Drive account and locate your video and start downloading! It’s just that easy! You can download both by right-clicking on the video or by checking the boxes to the left of the titles and then selecting the top’s download button.

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