A mountain skiing club is a tremendous idea for a profitable business! A resort that can be arranged and located anywhere in the world, independent of snow and weather, and running summer and winter alike. You can get all this along with a franchise from the PROLESKI CLUB™ .



PROLESKI CLUB™ is the most rapidly growing chain of the all-season mountain skiing clubs across the globe. Their operation is based on the “Endless slope” indoor ski simulators.

A mountain skiing club is a well-proven and a profit-making project, with absolute control of its business model and full responsibility for its implementation.

Having arranged and launched a mountain skiing resort in your own city, you find yourself at a field with no competitors and an ever-growing demand for active recreation.

  1. At that, you get a heavy hitting support from the proprietary, including the following:
    Staff training.
  2. Branding and corporate identity.
  3. Support at all stages of the business start-up and afterwards.
  4. Assistance in arrangement of a public catering facility.
  5. Exclusive rights for operations throughout your region.

PROLESKI CLUB™ franchise guarantees full payback of your investments within 18 months and an ever-increasing profit, subject to compliance with your business plan.

Having invested into this business, you become not only a partner, but also the owner of an elite-level enterprise in the active recreation and sport entertainment industry.

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