Online JOB OPPORTUNITIES to Easily Make Money..!

Online JOB OPPORTUNITIES to Easily Make Money..! Working online is a second job via the Internet as the connective tissue between workers who have the expertise in a field with clients who need his services. The concept of the online job is almost tantamount to work in the real world; only the most distinguishing is about space and time. For if the actual labour and the nature of binding rules, we must stay in office in accordance labour time, but in the online job we can work at home or anywhere, with working hours whenever you like.

online job opportunities

online job

For internet users in the European hemisphere, make money from online job opportunities is already very popular implemented, they used to call freelance. Some of them even hold a full-time freelance status to become permanent jobs, although the number was not as much as a part-time or making it into a side business (part-time). Everyone can run internet business from home.

In America, the concept of this new online job crowded in mid-2011 through the emergence of a freelancer site work of the nation, namely Seeing the rapid growth of online, then began to appear many other freelancer sites.

Most online workers in America are people who already have a permanent job in the real world, they utilise freelancer sites to find extra income part time (sideline) after return to work or on holidays.

Advantages of Working Online Business

There are many online jobs that we can do to add additional income, but of course, there are consequences as well, such as the time and effort to be more often consumed too drained, can even interfere with our regular job.

Another case of working online, we can adjust schedules. Besides, there are also business benefits, such as:

  • Can regulate working hours, can be done anytime and anywhere
  • Can choose a job according to your field of expertise.
  • Can know precisely specification of the client’s request and offer wages
  • No need to come face to face with clients
  • Getting a decent salary
  • Free to follow (but still require capital)
  • On this last point explained that it was free to work online, but need money. The meaning is in the form of money or a laptop computer connected to the internet.

If you do not have capital, then you should postpone your intention to work online. Because instead of getting side jobs and additional income, which occurred even loss because rental costs in the cafe are bigger than using your computer.

How the Principles of a Online Job?

To look for a second job online is very easy because now so many sites online that employers provide a list of work to be done. These sites act as an intermediary, that bring together employers with job seekers online (freelancer).

Later business would put up postings online through the website, the contents of which is the demand for a service, then later job seekers will register to complete the task.

However, although many employers online sites scattered on Google, there are some that do not pay even though we have completed the work according to his instructions or practically a scam or a fraud.

Therefore here we have to carefully look at the site’s reputation online employer side if we want to use, whether these websites are reliable or not? Because of course, we do not want our efforts to be in vain did not return any results.

But do not worry about it. In this business article, I will share information about 20 Trusted Websites Online Job Providers that has proven to pay members without constraint. Here’s his review below.

20 Side Trip Employer Free Online From Home

Sribulancer a native Indonesian outsourcing marketplace that brings together project proponents with the consumer. The principle is simple. We can look for a job in the job listing portal project on the site, also advertises expertise services while waiting for someone interested in using our services.

Areas of expertise can you offer here include design & multimedia, programming, marketing, copywriting and event organiser. is a startup from Bandung with the principle of cooperation as Sribulancer. Although not as busy Sribulancer, this site has another advantage.

One advantage of the deductions that the commission is not too big, which is only 12% cuts include tax and others. Please register nowhere.

Fiverr is a site best marketplace for expertise in a particular field because here you can offer and sell any goods or services at a price of $5 USD.

The principle works, namely, the sharing of revenues amounted to 80:20 where $4 USD for you and $1 USD for the Fiverr (fee 1 USD) to each person who uses your services.

Elance is an online site that the employer side has been popular among freelancers for internet marketers because here provides a portal search service is also recruiting work project that many posted by fellow internet marketers around the world.

Recorded in a month, we can find more than 80 thousand job offers freelance belonging to internet marketers, among them include areas of expertise marketers, designers, programmers, mobile developers and writers. Although there are also non-IMers areas of competence, such as translators, science, engineering, law and finance, not too many.

Yahoo Voice

Yahoo Voice is an employer site online to write articles and send them to this site.

We will receive additional remuneration by the number of visitors to the article. The more quality made in our article, it will be the number visitors article also wage. provide online job to write the article (in English) by the instructions given by this site.
The more complicated instructions given article writing, the higher the wage offer for the task.

Hubpages an employer sites online that have the system working principle Paid Per Click. So here you are required to submit articles (English-language) and then share/promote these items to get as many visitors.

But here you will get a commission from the many visitors who click ads (ads) on the article you made.

InfoBarrel, an employer, sites online which side has the principle of cooperation with Yahoo Voice. Here we are required to send an article (English-language) to InfoBarrel.

If the article is much visited, the amount of extra money you earn will be more and more. So that the article could have a lot of visitors so that we can promote it via social media such as Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter

Microworkers a workplace sites online that will pay us $0.1 – $0.5 USD for each task (Task) which completed.

So the more we solve the task, the greater the reward that we will get. This job is a command to register on a website.

MTurk or Turk Machine is a subsidiary of site. The working principle is the same location as Microworkers, where we were assigned to complete some tasks (Task).

So here there are many options that we can choose the job to be done, then when we managed to finish it, then we will earn money for every duty.

Project4Hire is one of the most favourite online sites employers for freelancers because here you can find a lot of exciting work project deals with competitive price.

Categories of work here is quite diverse, including about computers, languages, engineering, librarians, human resources, journalism, creative world, and others.

ProBlogger is a website with passion about blogging tips based on the experience of its members. A site is a place that the right to look for jobs online for Problogger have a particular page with a subdomain Jobs. Therein which provides a list of job openings in the world of blogging.

If you have expertise in the world of blogging, then this website could be a destination to look for a second job at a time while deepening blogging capabilities.

The tutor is a guide service to learn about science online. Work here is very suitable for teaching in the field of education, such as teachers, lecturers and students. You can enrol as a teacher and would have become a tutor when managed through a recruitment process online.

To become an instructor, business partners are required to work for 5 hours per week.

Just Answers

Just Answers will pay the answers to any questions that go online. Side job is suitable for you who have a deeper knowledge of an area of expertise. You can pick a question and answer anytime and anywhere.

But to follow this project you must complete the application form CV, following a simple test and verify the credibility of the self (such as attaching a special diploma or certificate). The calculation of the value of wages that will be accepted for each question based on appropriate ratings of other users and providers bid values issues.

WebAnswer, as well as, the site also provides an online job with the principles of answering questions.

Here we have to respond to the questions (English) about the general knowledge. Furthermore, if it has answered more than 200 questions, then we will earn a commission we can melt.

Odesk is one of the most famous tourist sites freelancer world which has been operating since 2003. In addition to looking for work at a job portal, here too, you can promote your expertise services so that later can find your project actors.

Working closely with, these sites are more and more providing job openings online. Category field of work here is software development, web development, customer service, business service, administrative support, sales & marketing, design & multimedia, network and information systems and .writing & translation

Freelancer is the employer sites online that the same principle works with and

This site was initially not touched the online market Indonesia. But along with the rapid development of online business homeland, finally, freelancer open access here. Up to now, they can develop its business to help add an extra income online businesses Indonesia.


Serba50ribu, as the name implies this site offers an all-around wage of 50 thousand rupiahs for each job.

Side job here was relatively light work, such as making services articles, product reviews/website, sell backlinks, create a facebook cover design and other light work related to the world of blogging and website., as the name suggests the site also provides an online job with a wage of 50 thousand rupiahs.

Same concept serba50ribu work, online job categories here were also light and easy to do the job. It is suitable for those who only have a little free time but want additional income.

Similarly, a review of 20 sites for free online employer side of the house that can be utilised in finding an online job to wash the rupiah over the internet. Hopefully, this article can help you choose best online business website.

Freelance is a pioneer of online job marketplace site which has been operating since 1996 until today. There are more than 50,000 online-based jobs available here. Also, many large companies worldwide use the services here, such as Microsoft, HSBC, IBM, DHL, Loreal and Hewlett-Packard. So please register here if interested in the work of the well-known global companies. The following job categories here include field engineering, administration, graphic design, information systems, marketing, writing, online business services, to the training of human resources.

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