How to Make Money from ONLINE BUSINESS?

How to Make Money from ONLINE BUSINESS? Small business as electronics products, fashion and clothes are a jobs opportunities that will give a lot of money because these items are clothing needs that everyday human use. Electronic and fashion business ideas are the potentials to be a long-term income. But despite the potential, the hard competition in the marketplace and this electronic fashion industry and the capital is the most common obstacles when an entrepreneur wants to start this business.

online business ideas

online business

It is generally on potential online business we will always find a lot of business competitors who also falls in it, like the fashion business. Well, to win a business competition then we have to build brand products. However, to strengthen the brand awareness requires a long process and not a little capital in applying for the promotion. It’s certainly not suitable for beginners without a lot of capital. Finally, most business beginners with the minimal capital bankrupt and out of business because they can not compete and depleted capital. So, you must read online business article completely.

Online Shop Business Without Capital

Well of attention to this problem, so on this occasion I want to share an alternative solution which is not less favourable in the fashion business run like a business suit, namely by starting their online business shop.

Why should online store businesses? Because amid the development of this technology becomes internet grooming needs (secondary) to almost everyone in the world. Costumers use the internet to share business information, work, and not a few people use it for online shopping.

If you are new to start the internet business and then maybe, you will have difficulty in understanding and implementing the essence of this article.

How to Start Make Money from Best Online Business?

Supposing there are various types of fish that are on the high seas, we can use the boat and bait him with different kinds of bait they like. If fish are attracted by our bait, the bait is eaten, and we certainly managed to bring the fish home with a big smile for sure.

Well, this is the same as running a business on the internet that like as the open sea, the fish is likened to a variety of internet users who could be the target of potential consumers in the online shop of our business. Well, the same inducement baits like our products, if internet users like the product we are then they will become new customers of our online business website.

Then the boat is the same as a computer/laptop, and fuel the boat is described as an internet connection. While fishing is a fishing pole as a medium to reach the fish, which is likened to fishing gear shop online website / online store.

So you mean Online Shop Business without capital here is a business that requires only operational costs, without having to pay other frills. Where we do not need to bother to think about the cost of production because in the online shop business we only sell other people’s products without the need to issue a registration fee to join this system, which uses a system of cooperation partners, namely Online Shop Business or dropship resellers.

That analogy parable fishing on the high seas, and doing business on the internet. From the above explanation, briefly here are some things that you must meet to start an online business shop, among others:

  • Computers / Laptops
  • Internet connection
  • Online shop website
  • Other shops to implement a system or drop ship resellers
  • Knowledge of internet marketing

Simple is not it? But in fact if spelt online business is easy alias simple it is not true, it should be a process of learning time to start an Online Shop Business itself. Well, to study business online, Blog present provide a variety of information about online learning business.

How to Start an Online Shop Business For Beginners

For more details, please refer to the troubleshooting steps to start an Online Shop Business reseller for beginners following:

Prepare the Completeness

The first step is to make the PC / computer or laptop and an internet connection. This shall be met as initial capital to start an Online Shop Business.

Choose the Best Products

Doing business means to sell the product of what we offer to prospective buyers. If the products that we offer a lot of attention and interest of potential customers of the business then, of course, you can make money. That is just as well as in conducting Online Shop Business reseller.

Many manufacturers or drop ship reseller program providers that offer attractive products and of course much sought after internet users. There are a variety of products from a variety of passion can be found on the web. Online shop products such as fashion as Muslim clothes, clothes distribution, batik shirt. Or, the love of electronics such as smartphones Samsung, iPhone and Asus. Or, the love of health such as herbal medicine, improvement body medicine, medicine slimming, and many more passion other business on the internet.

The products above have very many enthusiasts on the web, some of which regularly shop online. And of course, with a good marketing strategy will bring the peak of success of an online business store. So choose a product that has many takers.

Finding a Cooperation Partner Reseller

Remarkably in online business that does not have to make and sell homemade products. The entrepreneur can collaborate with other sellers who are also looking for affiliates to sell products. In other words, the online business site that provides affiliate program. In other words, in the business of online shop reseller here means we offer and sell other people’s products.

Then how to take advantage of the reseller business? Namely by raising prices. For example in a case, Muslim fashion product manufacturer offering unit price of $ 100 thousand for regular buyers and Rp. 80 thousand for the purchase reseller. So as a reseller here we can sell for $ 100 thousand on the website of our online store and make a profit of $ 20 thousand for each piece of Muslim clothing that we managed to sell. Or even legitimate if we sell in our online shop is more expensive than the price offered by producers for regular buyers. You can start online business from home.

Then the next step you should do is finding a manufacturer or cooperation partner reseller or drop ship accepted the system, one that I recommend that and Amazon affiliate. Or you can look at this article List of 30 Shop Online Accept Dropship & Reseller.

How to Sell Online Business Products?

Create an  Online Store Website

As already mentioned above that the online shop is a store for the visual display to a product you are selling, is the same as with physical shop in the daily business. So, make your e-commerce with the design and look as attractive as possible.

In addition to making online stores are paid through share website hosted by domain and paid hosting. If you are business people who do not have enough capital or just a desire to learn to start an Online Shop Business freely without money, then you can try to start an online business shop without capital to create an online store based blogger platform. Blogger is a web 2.0 sites. Which you can use to create a free blog.

Later blog URL address your online store will use a subdomain like, this is less useful for an online store website. To convince the visitor to make a purchase then you should use a top level domain (TLD) .com, so the URL address of your site online store will be

So to use the domain on blogger blog then you can apply a custom domain. Make your online business blog viral easily.

Or you can create a website directly your professional online store with WordPress CMS. Provided you are willing to learn, have a little capital (about 300ribu) to buy the domain and hosting rent, then you can create a professional website online shop itself. Check out the tutorial here essential make your Website Professional

Bring Traffic to Online Shop

Speaking of e-commerce indeed is associated with website visitors who will be the buyers of your product. The online shop serves to attract the attention of consumers, where on the internet business to attract customers is the way to bring in traffic. The more traffic, the greater the likelihood of conversion percentage of product sales in our online store website.

Visitors to the site itself can come from a variety of ways. The most potential to bring a lot of visitors up to 80% while that of visitors coming from organic traffic from the Google search engines. Don’t forget a few per cent of visitors referral from social media such as twitter, facebook, and google plus.

We can make efforts to bring visitors. Please see more about how to increase online business website traffic.

Perform Sales Conversions

Converting sales is the most important part of the effort to make visitors into buyers. Most Online Shop Business fails at this stage. They can attract many visitors but neglected to make the visitors into customers.

Preferably in selling products in the online shop that you include pricing, payment methods, product details, and how to confirm the transaction, as complete. Because if it does not include things that will arouse suspicion visitors about the authenticity of the items. Because almost there are also costumers who did not purchase due to lack of payment method details. It is indeed wasting our hard work effort in increasing sales.

Make money from online business is easily. Hopefully, this article can help you in starting your online business shop. If it is this article useful, please share this article on social media, and if there are any questions, please convey through the comments field. As if you already jumped the first dive into the reseller business, I hope you can also share experience in developing the online business you shop via the comments field below.

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