The beauty of Komodo Island Tourism

The beauty of Komodo Island Tourism – Nusa Tenggara islands to save a million natural barks of view. Geographically, Nusa Tenggara islands in the eastern island of Sumbawa. In between the two islands, separated by the Sape Strait. Among the islands in Nusa Tenggara islands, there is an island that is interesting for us. His name is Komodo Island. The island included in the Komodo National Park. Who cares? The following information.

Komodo Island

Komodo Island

Komodo Island Tourism

As the name implies, Komodo Island is an island that is also the habitat of animals move in this country. Its existence is increasingly waning years. Certainly fun if we could see first hand the lives of animals protected this country. Not only on Komodo Island, but Komodo dragon habitat also exists in islands adjacent to it. As Rinca island. On the island, tourists can freely see and observe the daily pattern of dragons. There is a great place to see a herd of dragons. Visitors can climb a hill, namely Bukit Ara (538 meters above sea level). On top of the mountain, a pack of dragons much alive in the wild. Besides dragons, other animals can see, the wild deer, bison and horses. Is just that? Certainly not. Many travel place here.

The beauty of the beaches

Second, it turns. Tourists can also enjoy the charm of natural beauty and stunning, beautiful white sand decorated with rocks and waves on the beach. The sea water is so sweet and bright, and the sun warms the beaches.

Biota Underwater

Third, Komodo National Park appeared to save another beauty, the beauty of the underwater charming. You can dive and enjoy the beauty of hundreds of species of coral reefs, seagrass, dozens of kinds of sponges, green turtles, thousands of fish species, including sharks, stingrays, whales, dolphins up.

The transition zone Wallacea Line

Fourth, it lies in the transition zone Wallacea line, makes this area charming. This area formed by the confluence of two continents, namely Asia and Australia, which then creates a different row of an island with a volcano.

Therefore, the island filled with birds and animals from the two continents. There are so many types of flora and fauna that live in the Park this. Here 254 types of flora come from Asia and Australia, 128 species of birds, and 58 other types of fauna.

Grassland and Forest Sabana

Fifth, Travellers want to feel the sensation of being in the middle of the meadow and forest-savanna? Here the place, extensive grassland savannas account for 70% of the entire national park. Different types of grasses flourish there.

Activity at Comodo Island

Also, tourists can see directly Komodo should not be too close here visitors can rent a fishing boat toward the shore of the Red. Travellers will be able to enjoy the beauty of the pink sand, which are only seven places in the world.

When Travellers boating, any time the Dolphins could suddenly appear tempting. Tourists can play with Dolphins at Comodo Island. Besides a variety of beautiful fish, hiding behind the beautiful coral reefs, green sea turtles and whales swimming freely is also ready to welcome Travellers.

Well, before returning home want to look for souvenirs and souvenir? Tourists can come to Loh Buaya and Loh Liang, sales centre of the memories of the Komodo National Park . can buy T-shirts with a picture of dragons, wooden sculptures of dragons, to accessories nuanced Komodo island. Also do not forget finely woven cloth of Flores with beautiful motifs and designs as well as popular snacks Flores, Hair Cake.

The lives of rural communities on the island of Komodo, we ought to go anyway. They are the people directly, would also have to preserve the nature there. On the island of Komodo, there is also the mangrove forests and lush green meadows. Miscellaneous nature like this, makes us feel heavy to go away immediately.

Before going to leave this beautiful spot, it’s good we took the time to buy some souvenirs Komodo Island. Wooden sculpture shaped like dragons or sweatshirt with a picture of animals dragons. Thus our article entitled The Beauty Travel Komodo Island may be useful.

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